The main objective of the organization is to work for the overall development of the poor, downtrodden and disadvantaged sections of people without any discrimination of castes, creed and religion so that the targeted beneficiaries join together, generate a fellow feeling, work together and devote themselves positively for mutual development and the overall development of the society.

For this purpose it has many other specific objectives which include:

  • Behavioral Transformation;
  • Building community ownership for promotion of education;
  • Women and child welfare;
  • Literacy and education promotion;
  • Skill development and Capacity building for livelihood promotion among women and children;
  • Sustainable agriculture development;
  • Khadi, village industry and handicraft development;
  • Working for the welfare of artisans, labours and other unorganized workers;
  • Conduct Research and Evaluation studies;
  • Health care, nutrition and family welfare;
  • Safe drinking water, Hygiene and Sanitation promotion;
  • Promotion of culture and heritage;
  • Providing advocacy support for rights and entitlement of poor and socially ignored sections and Minority groups;
  • Environment conservation and rural infrastructure development.


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