Human resource

Human resource is not a constraint for implementing any programme taken up by the organization.

A dedicated team of personnel looks after the administration, control, accounts and other related activities of the organization. Besides this, the team of dedicated project staff including field workers, trainers, teachers and volunteers are also engaged. All are qualified and experienced to implement the projects run by the organization. Further the organization has a panel of experts whose services are engaged as and when required as per programme needs. The organization follows sound HR principles for recruitment and appointment of staff.

Technical and Financial Management

Regular monthly review meetings are conducted with the entire project/ office staff.

All programmatic decisions are taken in the meetings which are conducted in a participatory manner and decisions are arrived at after elaborate discussion. Reporting relationship is also maintained both upwards and downwards with regular flow of information. The board also reviews the work of the organization and gives necessary directions based on feedbacks from field offices.

As far as financial management is concerned, Yogdan guided by transparency in operations, and accounts are maintained in systematic manner at all levels. Monthly financial statement is prepared to monitor the financial status of each project. All the accounts (Cash book and ledgers) are maintained on daily basis.

Rapport and liaison of the organization

WThe organization maintains good rapport and liaison with various departments and agencies at all levels who have been always helping the organization in implementing programmes.

It also continues to maintain good liaison with all the funding organizations who have supported the organization. Further at the grass root level also close coordination is maintained with PRIs, CBOs, Social activists, community leaders etc.
The organization considers that a voluntary organization cannot work in isolation with similar activities conducted by its fellow or peer organizations nor it can neglect the activities of similar nature performed by isolated organizations at the lower level.

Current role and priorities

AThe Foundation plays the role of a socioeconomic development organization with the primary aim to reach out to the grass root level where deprived and disadvantaged people are identified and all possible helps are made available to make them stand on own legs and strive for better opportunities.

It envisages enlarging its membership by enrolling likeminded persons with commitment towards selfless service to the society. At the grass root level it also takes in more and more dedicated volunteers with the objective to support those hapless persons and develop their leadership skills. In all the programmes the emphasis is to serve women, children and youths who have got a major role to play in the society.