The Foundation plays the role of a socioeconomic development organization with the primary aim to reach out to the grass root level where deprived and disadvantaged people are identified and all possible helps are made available to make them stand on own legs and strive for better opportunities.


It envisages enlarging its membership by enrolling likeminded persons with commitment towards selfless service to the society.  At the grass root level it also takes in more and more dedicated volunteers with the objective to support those hapless persons and develop their leadership skills.  In all the programmes the emphasis is to serve women, children and youths who have got a major role to play in the society.


Playing an advocacy role the organization has been constantly presenting before the authorities at all levels the problems and grievances of deprived people in programme areas and pleading for approval of humanitarian schemes and programmes which can become a turning point for betterment of their lives.  A major focus also given to local self governance so that the local community can themselves manage and control their overall developmental needs. It is to the credit of the organization that this role has been producing the desired results in as much as thousands of poor people at the grass root level have been uplifted and made to join the mainstream of society in various districts of the State.