The organization considers that a voluntary organization cannot work in isolation with similar activities conducted by its fellow or peer organizations nor it can neglect the activities of similar nature performed by isolated organizations at the lower level.  A synergy of activities are felt advantageous in the long run if regular rapport is maintained with all similar organizations working in the interest of the common goal either at the national or local level and the organization practices the same.  In addition the organization  maintains close liaison with and seeks support from local authorities and government departments so as to ensure that the cooperation of all are ensured to achieve results of all programmes taken up by the organization.


As already stated, various co-organizations and well-wishers are an inspiring spirit behind the organization’s working and special care is taken to ensure that the federal style of functioning is adopted by the organization to ensure that implementation of programmes ensures cent percent achievement although slight deviations are made wherever it is felt necessary depending on the local conditions.  It also maintains good rapport and coordination with the community and leaders so as to ensure that all bottlenecks are sorted out and the programme beneficiaries achieve optimal advantages on all fronts.