yogdan india focuses on improving access to and control of the marginalised communities over natural resources, enhancing productive returns on resources and financial inclusion. yogdan india works towards creating an enabling environment, which supports the needs and aspirations of the people. yemphasizes on building capability, developing multiple assets, developing value chains and engaging with all stakeholders to promote secure and resilient livelohood opportunities to the marginalized popualtion, especially women.

The youth comprises over one-third of the Indian population which in turn constitutes a major part of the labour force of the country. The number of underprivileged youth in India who lacks education and proper guidance is so huge that according to the reports of the Financial Express “Only 15%of the young graduates passing out of colleges are employable; the rest are branded ‘unemployable’.”

It is an effort towards bridging the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower in the fast emerging services and retail sectors of modern India.

This national level programme trains the urban underprivileged youth in English Proficiency, Basic Computer Education and Soft Skills for enhancing their prospects of employment in the fast expanding retail, hospitality and BPO sectors.

So far, more than 22,600 youth have been trained and 14,500 have been placed in over 150 brands through 91 operational projects across India.